Monday, October 6, 2008

AdSense Templates - A Word Of Warning

Anyone working with Google AdSense is aware of the term "AdSense Templates". There are always offers online which target those who seek easier and quicker ways to accomplish Internet marketing tasks. These offers are especially targeted towards beginners who often are not aware of the ramifications of using such short-cuts.

AdSense templates are simply fabricated pages with AdSense code in place. The buyer of these templates simply has to edit the AdSense template's code with their own account information and add new content in the form of original text. Most of the templates look very nice and were created by professional site designers. On the surface, using templates seems like a no-brainer with respect to saving time.

However, there are issues with using such templates. As with other web templates, these AdSense templates still require the buyer to have the skills needed to edit, link together and upload the pages to a hosting account. Many beginners simply fail to understand that purchasing AdSense templates does not relieve them of the need for basic web design skills.

Usually what happens is the beginner will download the purchased templates, open an AdSense account, and then stare at the computer screen showing the attractive AdSense template. They then realize they do not have the slightest idea what to do next.

Adsense templates can also cause another, secondary problem. Yahoo is known to look at the code a page is created with. Yahoo is able to and does detect duplicate code with which sites are created (not just duplicate content). If a new site created with AdSense templates uses the same coding as a spammer's site (who purchased the same set of templates), that could be a problem!

Because anyone using these templates has to already have basic web design skills in order to build a site with them, it simply makes no sense to risk using purchased AdSense templates in order to save a small amount of time overall. Creating simple pages from scratch is the preferred method for building a simple, yet profitable AdSense business.

Fastest Way To Get Approved For AdSense

This is a quick tip that I figured out. To get an approved AdSense account from Google you must have a site that goes by Google's terms and conditions and sites that Google favors the most. So the following are quick steps to get rolling with AdSense.

1. Go to and sign up for an account.

2. Follow step-by-step instructions of setting up your account.

3. Follow the directions of choosing and setting up your template.

4. Choose a topic that you love talking about the most for your blog.

5. Create several posts with one paragraph per post, just to get started. Make sure you have at least six sentences per paragraph. Make sure each posts contains high quality content.

6. Go to your dashboard and select your blog.

7. You should come into a page with four tabs on the top: Posting, Settings, Template, View Blog.

8. Select Template and then select AdSense.

9. Follow the sign-up process and you should most likely be approved for AdSense in several days.

Anyone who follows the steps can be accepted for Google's AdSense program. I have gotten two people approved through these steps and I know that these will work for everybody, guaranteed. Make sure you do NOT post anything related to sex or anything else against Google's AdSense policies other than that you should be fine.

So, if you have been rejected by Google for an AdSense account in the past and you want to know how to apply for an account without getting rejected, then this is the best way to get an AdSense account ASAP.

5 Ways to Earn More Money with Adsense

Nowadays, Adsense maybe considered as the biggest money making program for website owners. If you are an Adsense publisher wanting to earn more money, I have outlined some tips below.

1. Use Adsense Revenue Sharing Sites - Forum and directory websites now offer adsense revenue sharing on their sites. Most offer 50% sharing which means your adsense code will be displayed on your forum posts or article post pages 50% of the time.

2. Use Blogger Blogs - Blogger blogs are easily crawled by major search engines.It is an great way to get your new websites listed in Yahoo, MSN and Google. Within your account, you can easily enable Adsense Ads to show to your blog pages as well.

3. Post Articles with Your Adsense Code - is a growing Article Directory site which allows authors to include their Adsense Publisher codes in all their article postings and the authors unique publisher ID with be displayed 100% of the time on the Adsense Ads appearing on their article url's.

4. Use Google Adwords - Advertise your adsense pages using Google Adwords program. To do this you need to build a keyword list of at least 200 and just bid a minimum amount for all of them. If you target a good niche market, you will profit using this technique.

5. Build Web Pages Using Low Competition Keywords - If you are subscribed to, you can easily build a keyword list of these low competition keywords. You can easily find keywords or phrases with only 100 competing websites or less. Get some basic SEO knowledge, build your web pages around these low competition keywords and easily get search engine rankings for those pages.

Making Money With AdSense 101

So are you looking to start profiting from AdSense? well let me tell you their are people all over the world that are making millions while me and you sleep, are you apart of that action. However, do you know everything about AdSense? What it does, how you earn, what is required?

These are all questions that everyone that is new to AdSense asks. Well let me start by telling you that this day with the internet resources being so huge you can now find all the information you are looking to require, from basic information for free to groundbreaking information at a small fee anything can be acquired and let me tell you are not alone.

What is AdSense and what do I need?

AdSense is an advertising tool used by the powerful search engine company GOOGLE, basically the overview on how it works is that advertisers will pay for ads that cost the will cost them so many cents per their "ad" is clicked.

Then a publisher attains a member code from Google that will be in java HTML form that they will paste on their site and every time a web browser clicks on the ad they will be re-directed to the advertiser's page and leaving you to collect the amount from the click. Many people are earning and earning big. Google's AdSense is by far the leading powerhouse when it comes to this form of advertising.

Well if you have any interest in learning AdSense please refer to my resource box as I can point you to the correct direction.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Richest Adsense Affiliate High Earning Secrets

One of the richest Adsense affiliates who has since sold their network of high earning niche blogs to AOL for an undisclosed sum, proclaimed some time back that he was well on course to raking in a million dollars from their Adsense affiliate program.

In the post where this affiliate made their proclamation, there were all sorts of comments and messages that followed. Many of them had questions for one of the richest Adsense Affiliates to ever go public about their earnings.

What emerged is that the richest Adsense affiliate had gone as far as hiring a number of bloggers to help him churn out a huge volume of valuable posts and information for their blogs. Good information usually means more page views and ultimately more Adsense clicks and this is a secret that the richest Adsense affiliate had made full use of.

The other really amazing piece of information that came out of the richest Adsense affiliate is the fact that he had sold all his best ad positions on his blogs by the time he joined the Adsense ffiliate program. That meant that the space left for Adsense ads was both limited and usually not the best of positions. This underlines an important truth. What matters most in Adsense is the traffic and resultant page views. If it is very high then, the clicks will inevitably result, no matter what position you have placed your Adsense ads.

With enough traffic becoming one of the richest Adsense affiliates is not that hard.